Low Cost Phone Plans

Telephone service, particularly cell phone and long distance, can be one of the most confusing things to buy today. But the changes in the industry have made it possible to get great rates on your various phone services.

Use the internet to comparison shop and get the best bargain you can on your long distance service, cell phone plan, calling card or other communications service.

Affordable Toll-Free 800#s for Small Business

If you have a small business, getting your own toll-free 1-800 number is easier and costs less than you might think. If you do business online, an 800 number is a must for customer service and credibility.

You can have your own toll-free number for just a couple of dollars/month plus about 6-cents/minute for actual usage (no minimum). No contracts - cancel anytime if you wish.

Your 800 number also can forward to any phone number you wish, so you just keep answering your regular phone, cell phone, whatever.  Change the forward number whenever you wish online.

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Compare all the plans without going from store to store. You can see how many minutes are included, what phones are available, what the coverage areas are, and all of the details you want. And you can compare them side by side with no sales person pressuring you.